"Started" on the 8th July 2019, the Primed Pixel Music channel is the home of "A very synthy" and "Realistic VST Covers": remixes and covers of video game music in various different styles.

This is my primary YouTube channel, where I upload the most and focus the most on. Currently, I aim for weeklyish uploads, but sometimes there's more. Check out the latest uploads below for a taster!

Primed Pixel Music Logo BIG No Backgroun

Additionally, here's all* of my YouTube uploads as high quality FLACs (uncompressed audio)

*since 26th May 2020, so not all at all

As well as this, you can find my own compositions here! Everything here (apart from bonus tracks) is on my Spotify. These are (at the moment) only for my released games but more may be coming in the future!