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Primed Pixel is a one-person "company" specialising in making video games, as well as other digital content (music, gaming videos, devlogs).

I'm available for contact using the services below:

Email: (preferred)

Twitter: @PrimedPixel (please do not DM my personal Twitter with enquiries / issues relating to Primed Pixel)
Discord: ημτ#6881 (subject to change)

Below are the brand assets for "Primed Pixel" and all sub-divisions, or go directly to Google Drive

Just PrimedPixel Big.png
Logo BIG.png

Maze Madness is a fast-paced, randomly generated, arcade-styled, local-multiplayer 2-4 player game developed by Primed Pixel Games. In it, 2-4 players battle to reach the end of a randomly generated level as quickly as possible, with additional powerups and other game-altering effects blocking them in the process.

Below are the brand assets for "Maze Madness"

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